Have you tried wild salmon jerky?

Positively delectable.

Now available in deliciously sweet or savory flavors.

We are excited to announce that UFisheries won the Gold Medal in the 2023 International Jerky Awards for Best Poultry, Fish, Non- Beef Jerky.

Congratulations, Wildflower Honey Salmon Jerky. We love you.

  • New ways to incorporate fish into your diet

    Excellent source of protein and omega-3s

  • A Quick Breakfast. Our Wild Salmon Jerky Is Ready-To-Eat

  • A high protein snack that Is delicious with fruit

  • Omelette with Wild Salmon Jerky (bacon substitute)

  • Here's a secret ...

    Bourbon paired with
    wild salmon jerky is absolutely delicious.

  • Your Favorite Cocktail Paired with Wild Salmon Jerky